Feature: Crime By Design – Brand

While on facebook I came across an interesting brand by the name of Crime By Design .
I chatted briefly with one of the owners and had to mention that I was
quite impressed with what I saw.  I appreciated the overall
approach they’ve taken in regards to their image and overall presentation.

Also, I enjoy their grasp on photography, you can see loads of that in their gallery.

These were just some of my favorites that I saw on their site, a click takes you to the item.

-Check out their shop.
-Check them out on facebook.




  1. I’ve been following Crime by Design for over a year and their stuff just gets better.
    Love their T’s, not only are they comfy and pleasantly form fitting. They’re racy, edgy and simply honestly blunt, because c’mon guys seriously, aren’t we all just trying to get out hustle on! The slogans along with the fonts used are elegant, street smart, yet sophisticated and without all the unnecessary bling. Crime by Desings risky slogans, creativity and presentation set true presedent to another great label in the making. I think were all glad to finally see a brand that takes the same risk’s we do and truly connects with young America……..
    Be.out, V


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