Google +

So by now, youve either heard about Google + or are already signed up! Congrats….that was googles plan all along 😀

“So, Johnson & Johnson — you’re a male, right? If you’ve tried looping your business into Google+, you may have noticed that it’s not exactly setup for that right now. In case you didn’t, however, Goog’s own Christian Oestlien has a bit of intel he’d like you to know. For now, Google+ remains a consumer-oriented affair, but he did say that there’s a team of engineers toiling away on “an amazing Google+ experience for businesses.” As for features? Mum’s the word, really, but we are told that it’ll “far exceed the consumer profile in terms of its usefulness to businesses.” The company’s asking for patience while the finishing touches are made, and Google’s going to be testing the waters with a few marketing partners over the next few months. As for when your own LLC can take advantage? “Later this year.”




One comment

  1. Google + for biz owners, LLC’s will be able to benefit later this year! good news for those looking to stand out.


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